Sponsor a Desk

Goodjustice helps a great number of students across the globe. They build schools in areas to provide more education to more people. The parents to some of these children do not have an education for themselves and their children wouldn’t either if it was not for the schools that Goodjustice built. We have noticed in all of the years running the school that we have a high sucession rate. This is a good thing. This means that a lot of our students are graduating from the program. These students are being rapidly replaced by the new Kindergartners coming in. This is a never ending cycle. After the child you sponsor graduates, we are still in need of your help! So, we came up with this idea. Instead of sponsoring the student, you are sponsoring their desk. That way, when someone graduates, another student still has funding and support.

For only $25 a month you can sponsor one of the desks in the classrooms below. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail


(810) 919-8796 (talk or text)




This is the Kindergarten class of San Isidro, Honduras. The kindergarten class has the largest amount of students. Help these kindergartners learn to read, print their letters, and define their fine motor skills.









This is a glimpse into the First Grade class located in San Isidro, Honduras. In this picture you can see the students practicing their writing skills as a teacher walks around checking their work. Your monthly gift will support a first grader to learn simple mathematics!










The children in this Second Grade class in San Isidro, Honduras are having a little fun before getting to their next lesson. These students need your financial assistance to continue building on their academics.










These Third Grade students from San Isidro, Honduras stop their learning for a brief moment to pose for a picture. You can tell by the big smiles on their faces that they love learning more challenging math concepts.









sponsor4th-San-IThis Fourth Grade class from San Isidro, Honduras are practicing their reading and writing skills when someone stepped in to take a quick picture. Your monthly gift will help them become sophisticated readers!










These Fifth Grade students in San Isidro, Honduras discuss their class work as someone looks on with a camera. These students are one year away from graduating the school. These students can continue to use the skills and strategies they have been learning in school with your monthly support.










These are the “seniors” of the school. These are our Sixth Graders from San Isidro, Honduras! These students are more than ready to graduate and move forward with the next steps of their education. We could not be happier for all of our sixth graders. One of our favorite times of the year is seeing these Sixth Graders during the graduation ceremony. A monthly donation will help these students see their true potential that will last a lifetime.