Rebuild Malawi

In January of 2015, torrential rain hit Malawi, Africa wiping out many villages and taking over 100,000 lives. The January 2015 flood has left thousands of people homeless.

“A friend of mine, actually our vice president of Goodjustice lives there. He sent me an urgent message just a few days ago and said, ‘Jeff, we desperately need your help. It has been raining for almost 15 days its just not stopping. People keep coming asking for help and our resources are limited, what can we do?’  I said, ‘we’re going to do something. We’re going to bring life back.'” – Jeff Ryal, Goodjustice President (January 22, 2015)

The Malawi floods in 2015 not only took people’s homes and loved ones but destroyed their crops and took all of their livestock. Most of these people had nothing. In response to that urgent message, Goodjustice took on the project Rebuild Malawi. Commonly known as,

Rebuild Malawi

As we responded to the great need, our eyes were opened to the Hope that a simple home could bring. That is why, three years later, we continue to partner with villages and families to #RebuildMalawi. Goodjustice contacted local builders and received quotes on what it takes to rebuild a home from scratch. It will only cost $250 for one home. Here is the breakdown:

$250 – Entire Home! 

$20 – Foundation

$40 – Roofing 

$100 – Walls

$30 – Lumber

$10 – Glass

$50 – Labor

Not only is Goodjustice providing new homes for the people of Malawi, but there is also a chance to provide a family with some livestock and food as well.

$50 for Chickens

$25 for a Goat

$10 for a Bag of Beans or Maize